chiropractic stretches for breastfeeding pains, tension from caring for child

Relief from Breastfeeding Tension (Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain)

Have you experienced tension in your back or arms from caring for your newborn? Do you get neck or shoulder pains after breastfeeding? These are common symptoms for a mother to experience after giving birth to her child, but Favero Chiropractic in North Ogden can help you get relief.The pain and tension in the shoulders […]

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Pediatric Treatment for Your Child

Did your child have a recent fall or start complaining of a new pain? Does your colicky newborn have difficulty sleeping or show signs of irritation with breastfeeding? Chiropractic can be an effective treatment for babies and youth, whether it is an obvious injury or a more subtle condition.The body of your infant goes through a […]

calm a crying baby

How To Calm A Crying Baby

Have you ever cared for an inconsolable infant and run out of ideas for helping them? Dr. Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician in California, has a great tip he refers to as “the hold”. As he explains at the end of his video, if your child does not calm down you should think about these two things: […]