jumping into the new year with health goals

Year End, Year Begin – A New Chance for Health

At Favero Chiropractic we help patients with all kinds of health goals, so here at the transition of the year we’re sharing a few tips to help you realize yours.

To begin, read our post on Weight Loss, Health Goals, & Your Local Chiropractor. Dr. Favero shares his thoughts on weight loss and overall health. Here’s a snippet:

Some may think of this topic more around the New Year, but let’s not dwell on that. Let’s talk about today and start with one thing – anything – that brings us closer to our own version of “healthy”.

If you are starting a new exercise routine, remember these 3 Tips For Exercise That Lasts. If you are doing more intensive exercise, such as strength training, and are focused on taking it to the next level then read here: Health Goals Part 3: Athletics and Strength Training.


When it comes to losing weight, exercise is great but diet makes the biggest difference. This doesn’t mean you should ignore exercise. It will actually help bring the proper “nutrition” to the joints and muscles through movement and exertion. It also helps us mentally and emotionally. But if you want to focus on gaining or maintaining a certain weight, then diet is your main squeeze. It is more connected with our weight and though it can be tough, it is worth making some changes. Your energy will increase and your body will thank you. Read more here: Weight Loss Works Best With Diet.

Goals can be a motivating force to help us achieve great things – and they’re even better when we tell someone else about them. So let someone in on the fun and they’ll add a little support behind you.

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