Spinal Disc Decompression

We are very proud of this advanced and amazing therapy at Favero Chiropractic.

Disc decompression therapy (also known as mechanical traction) can be done for the neck or for the back. It is an effective treatment for pain and numbness into the arms or legs, and is also used to combat chronic headaches and severe back pain.

Decompression is done with a patient lying on their stomach or back while the spine is gently stretched in a lengthwise direction. This allows the intervertebral discs which sit between the vertebrae of the spine to be decompressed. The process will cycle back and forth between decompression and relaxation, which promotes an increase of fluid into the discs.

When combined with chiropractic treatment this can be very effective at reducing the nerve irritation from disc bulges and disc herniations.

Spinal Disc Decompression at Favero Chiropractic
Spinal Disc Decompression at Favero Chiropractic

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