Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation

chiropractic soft tissue manipulation for tight muscles

This refers to work done on an area of muscle or other soft tissue that is significantly tense and needs special attention. Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) is the use of an instrument such as metal or stone that has a smooth but angled edge. This allows the practitioner to feel the fibers in a different way and then use the tool to loosen the tissues and promote normal function.

Dr. Favero has used this unique type of soft tissue manipulation for several years and has seen significant results, especially with patients suffering from chronic muscle pains. He applies IASTM to all areas of the body, but has found major benefits when applying it to:

  • the soles of the feet for plantar fasciitis or similar symptoms
  • the muscles around the shoulder blades for those with upper back and shoulder problems
  • forearms and hands for those working with their hands in repetitive motions
  • the neck and back of the head for unmanageable headaches and migraines