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Relief From Wrist Pain

Because we use our arms for so many of our daily activities the wrist is a common source of pain and dysfunction. Your wrist is made up of 8 bones arranged in 2 rows that connect with each other and the bones of the arm and hand. The associated tissues around these joints (tendons, ligaments, nerves, fascia, and blood vessels) create a complex system that is quite strong but not impenetrable.

Problems may occur from irritation to any or all of the these structures and lead to direct pain or radiating symptoms like with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (see more info here).

How Can Chiropractic Help?

At Favero Chiropractic, we will address your wrists directly while also checking into the surrounding areas that can be involved. Dr. Favero is trained in the complexities of the joints, nerves, and soft tissues and treats wrist conditions constantly. One reason is because wrist injury is so common. We are using our wrists for computers, phones, cars, specific work activities, and for our hobbies. Nobody knows better how important they are than someone who is suffering from wrist pain. Suddenly or gradually these normal activities become painful, difficult, or impossible.

By using chiropractic adjustments to the joints of your wrists and arms, Dr. Favero will restore normal movement to your injured areas. He will apply advanced therapies to the surrounding tissues to bring relief and increase their healing power. You will also receive directions on how to properly use your wrists and hands, and how to avoid repetitive injury that causes these pains. The treatment Favero Chiropractic provides is for the long term – we want you to have resources to take home with you that will strengthen your body to prevent your pains from returning.

If you suffer from wrist pains, please do not hesitate to call Favero Chiropractic in North Ogden at 801.784.6306, or click here to schedule an appointment.

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