Pregnancy Care

Pre and Postnatal Treatments for Mom & Newborn

Dr. Favero treats expectant mothers with gentle and effective chiropractic care, starting before birth and continuing after the big day.

During Pregnancy

Many call us to ask if chiropractic can be done during pregnancy and the answer is YES, DEFINITELY! There are so many changes occurring in your body as your child grows and making sure these have proper care will prepare you for a smoother birth while relieving pain or other symptoms for you now. Attention will be given to the whole body but especially to the low back and pelvis.

After Giving Birth

Birth, as beautiful as it is, can be traumatic for mommy and baby. The ligaments that are temporarily loose and flexible during pregnancy will begin to tighten. If there is misalignment of the bones, particularly in the pelvic and pubic regions, women can experience symptoms such as pain, numbness, and tingling in these areas.

Caring for your newborn can bring new problems in the neck, shoulders, and arms (pain with breastfeeding is commonly called “nursing shoulder”). At Favero Chiropractic, we also give special care for newborns and infants – see our page on Pediatric Care.

Come in for our thorough examination and skilled treatment. It is an important time in both your lives.