Posture Correction

chiropractic correction of bad posture at work or driving, sitting, standing

One of the things a chiropractor hears most from their patients as they sit on the exam table is “My posture is terrible.” This is something most people understand. Nowadays there are many activities that are hard on our bodies and create “bad posture” for our spine and extremities.

It may cause you to have neck pain, numbness in the hands, back pain, sciatica, or headaches. At Favero Chiropractic in North Ogden we will teach you how to correct your posture so you can enjoy your normal daily activities without these pains.

During Dr. Favero’s thorough examination, he will begin determining how your body is aligned by observing the relations between your head, shoulders, spine, hips, and legs. Then he will test into each area to discover the causes for your symptoms. His chiropractic adjustments will bring fuller movement in your joints and aid your body to return to proper function and posture. He will look into your daily activities and help you learn a better way to sit, lift, walk, drive, and play.