Emergency Services

Why is it that every time your back goes out, it is on the weekend or after businesses have closed for the day?
Chiropractic can be a great help for clients with chronic problems as well as those needing immediate relief. This is why we offer emergency and after hour treatments on weekdays and weekends (including Saturday and Sunday on holidays). Treatment is available by appointment, so call our clinic and we will arrange to treat you as soon as possible.
We truly want to help you feel better and will make it work. This summer Dr. Favero was in Las Vegas and received an emergency call in the morning – but since he was already heading home that day, he arranged to leave earlier and treated his patient that night! He lives here in North Ogden so will be available 9 times out of 10 to treat you very quickly.
If you have sudden neck or back pain and are in need of emergency treatment, please do not hesitate to call.

For fastest service use the red button to call us (at 801.784.6306), but if needed you can click the link to request an appointment

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