nice reminder for your hands

Nice Reminder for Your Hands

A common malady faced by many of our patients is wrist or hand pain, likely from a lot of computer or phone use. This leads to overuse of the hands and puts a lot of tension on the muscles and joints in the wrists as well as the forearms and shoulders.

So here is a GREAT TIP to apply as you go about your day. Whether you notice that your wrists are sore, or if you’ve just been using your hands a lot, there is a quick thing you can do. It’s a simple reminder for your body: Hands up and Stretch!

The idea is that your arms and hands need a break sometimes, so take breaks to stretch and relax. Hands up and stretch! As easy as that. You might even say it out loud – though you could get some scared looks from people around you.

Hands up and stretch!

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