New Patients

Do you have pains from a specific injury or are you experiencing recurring pain from a chronic condition? Perhaps it is a sudden onset of pain from a repetitive trauma that has been going on for a long time. Whatever your dilemma may be, it is bothering you enough that you decided to look at our website – and we are excited to tell you how we can help!

Who We Help

Neck and back pain do not care what age you are. They enjoy the company of the young and old alike. At Favero Chiropractic we have accepted this grim truth and are prepared to help patients of all ages:

What We Treat

Favero Chiropractic has caring staff and effective services to help you and your family feel better. Because chiropractic is a form of treatment that addresses all areas of the body, Dr. Favero is able to help with a wide variety of conditions. See our Conditions page for details on some of these more common problems.

How We Do It

Dr. Favero has specific training in many techniques and enjoys applying them in a unique way for each patient that walks in the door. After his thorough history and examination he will explain his findings and how he can treat your specific problem.

If he feels you would have better results with a different form of treatment, he will tell you right away because his main goal is for you to be well. He wishes he could “fix” every problem, but recognizes the skills of other professionals and will send you to the right person for the right treatment.

Are you ready to start feeling better?