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Health Goals Part 3: Athletics and Strength Training

Time to wrap up this fun 3 week chiropractic discussion on health goals. Today I will be talking about the next level of movement: strength training and other athletics.


This is for those of you want to become stronger and faster. Training with others when available is a good choice for both instruction and motivation. You may be training for overall stability or for something specific like a marathon, body building event, or another type of competition. Whichever it is, just remember to be wise.

Yes, I am saying you are not invincible. I have to remind all my post-op patients (especially those who I’ve sent for back or knee surgeries) that when they start exercising again they need to take it one step at a time. So if they used to run 10 miles, they need to start by walking for 5 minutes on the treadmill. If they feel great after 5 minutes, they STILL cannot walk farther that day. They must wait until the NEXT DAY to decide if they are ready for the next step of walking 10 minutes, then running outside a bit, then several miles, etc. You do not feel it until the next day, so always wait until then to bump it up to the next level.

This applies to both strength training and athletic training. If you are getting into weight lifting, running, swimming, bicycling, rock climbing, CrossFit, Insanity, resistance exercises, Pilates, Reformer, yoga – it all applies. No, this may not be what your trainer tells you. But this is coming from the doctor that treats all you crazy athletes that hurt yourselves and need my help. Training to improve your performance is no easy task and I support you in whatever method you decide on. Just remember to take it one step at a time. Take the time to get the right form and get your muscles ready for the next step up. The process will help stabilize your body to prevent future injuries.

So what gives me the audacity to have an opinion about your health goals? Because I’m a doctor and I said so? Sure, if that is what it takes. But really it is because I am concerned for your long term health. I want you and your family to be healthy, to be happy, and to be well!

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