Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand Pain

Arm pain is common due to how much we use our arms in daily life. Many trades require repetitive use of the wrists and hands which leads to significant joint, muscle, and nerve injuries.

Shoulder and elbow injuries can happen with sports or heavy lifting, and will respond best when treatment is applied as soon after the injury as possible. Other arm conditions can actually be traced back to problems in the neck or upper back (see our page on numbness or tingling into the arms and legs).

Chiropractic can help with these symptoms as well as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, dislocated shoulder, and adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”). If you have experienced weakness or chronic fatigue in your arms, do not hesitate to get treatment at our clinic in North Ogden.

Dr. Favero is skilled at determining the best course of care and applying the treatment that will help you return to your normal daily activities.

chiropractor North Ogden treats shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand pain