Rib Injury and Pain

chiropractic treatment for rib injury and rib pain

Some of the more common rib or chest injuries (which can cause sharp pain and sometimes radiating pain all around the back, sides, and front):

  1. strain of the muscles between the ribs
  2. sprain of the ligaments between the ribs
  3. joint restriction where the back of the rib attaches to the spine

When you have difficulty with your normal daily movements, increased pain while sneezing or coughing, or just difficulty breathing due to rib or chest pain, then you may be experiencing one of these common injuries.

Rib injuries can be very painful and frustrating. Dr. Favero understands this and has helped many patients with rib pains. By addressing the ribs directly and any associated problems contributing to your pains, Dr. Favero will help you find relief and get back to feeling well again.

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