Nerve Damage or Irritation

chiropractors examine the complex nervous system

Nerves are the main connection between the brain and the rest of the body. They can be a source of extreme pain and disability, sometimes as the primary cause of a condition and other times as a secondary cause or symptom of the main problem. Chiropractors perform a full examination to determine the extent of nerve involvement and then apply a treatment plan to address these issues.

At Favero Chiropractic, we apply both chiropractic manipulative therapy (adjustments to your affected joints) and associated therapies to aid your body in healing properly. Nerves can be damaged if they are continually irritated and treatment is not applied early on. Do not put off getting care if you are experiencing nerve problems.

Significant relief can be achieved when combining manipulations with decompression for the spine. Disc decompression (also called traction) is an advanced treatment protocol to provide relief to the spinal nerves while “decompressing” the discs between the vertebrae. This can be applied to either the neck or the back to provide optimal care and reach a higher state of healing and relief. Read more on our Disc Decompression page.

Common conditions with nerve involvement include numbness or pain in the arms and legs, severe headaches/migraines, sciatica, arm or leg weakness.

Some Other Conditions Treated At Favero Chiropractic