Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you know anyone with wrist or hand problems? Sometimes people will get pain from using the hands and other times it has nothing to do with activity. They will get numbness, tingling, or pain into the wrist, palm, or fingers.

You may have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome and have some ideas about what it is. Chiropractors works on this condition regularly and can bring relief without the need for surgery. It is sometimes as simple as a chiropractic adjustment to the joints of the wrist or hand. Other times it comes from problems higher up like in the elbow, shoulder, or the neck.

At Favero Chiropractic, we will examine all these areas to find where your problem starts. We will address the cause so the symptoms can stop returning.

Here is Dr. Favero’s tip on how to use your hands at work: neutral wrists. Picture someone at the piano with their arms in front of them and about to start playing. The best position for those hands is to have the wrists straight or “neutral” and avoid bending at the wrists.

Bent wrists can cause problems when we use computers at work, school, or home. Resting the bottom of the wrist on the desktop will put pressure over this area and can compress the median nerve where it passes through.

chiropractic posture recommendations for carpal tunnel syndrome

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