We do not bill insurance but accept cash, check, and every card under the sun. It’s not that we hate insurance companies, it’s just that they don’t always work that well with chiropractic. With higher deductibles that must be met before insurance benefits are received, patients often end up spending a lot more for treatment. There are exceptions of course, but insurances are usually better at helping with major illness and things that are bleeding.

Chiropractic does help with the initial stages of pain and suffering, but also focuses on prevention and wellness. These are not usually covered by insurance. That’s why car insurance doesn’t pay for oil changes.

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Keep in mind, some insurance plans allow their customers to submit a claim for non-provider services performed. You will need to investigate this with your insurance if you think you may qualify, and determine the proper steps to submit a claim.

We also specialize in car accidents and work injuries. If you have experienced an auto accident (aka personal injury claim) or a worker’s compensation injury, contact us to find out how chiropractic can help!

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