exercise tips from your chiropractor

3 Tips For Exercise That Lasts

How often have you finally started to exercise and then realized 1-2 weeks later that you haven’t kept up with it? For some mysterious reason it just didn’t last. Today we will be focusing on exercise that lasts longer and gets better results. 3 easy tips from your chiropractor that might make a big difference for your healthy routines.

1. Start Simple

Not all plans need to be extensively thought out, discussed, charted, or engraved on your walls of your home. Start with something simple. “I am going to walk for five minutes today.” Bam, done, you got it. Now see how good it feels to get moving.

2. Day 2

You are going to feel some aches and pains the day after your first workout. Just expect it and don’t let it stop you from working out on Day 2. Push through and keep this good thing going. You are now making strides to create a new habit, a routine, something substantial and lasting.

3. Variety

Our bodies are rather complicated and can do a complex amount of movements. Our workouts should be varied and changing to help strengthen different parts of our body and avoid repetitive – and potentially damaging – movements (see our post on movement). Keep it real, change it up, don’t get comfortable. By changing your exercise often you will also stay excited and interested while preventing boredom and getting burned out.

We hope these simple tips from our chiropractic clinic in North Ogden will make a difference in your exercise habits. As you get those arms and legs moving about, you will find increased energy, positive feelings about life, and brain power for your day ahead.

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